Our Mission: Use NFTs To Create Value In The "Real World".

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5000 Famous
Inventor NFTs


Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison & More!


Investments in AI, Biotech & Sustainable Agriculture.

The Story

In pursuit of greater prosperity, Earth’s Chief Simulation Officer created 5,000 famous inventors responsible for making the world a better place. Only these inventors have the courage, creativity & grit to turn their ideas into inventions. A sense of purpose is everywhere in our discord. The Inventor’s Club is a collection of 5,000 AI-generated collectibles enhancing the Ethereum Blockchain.



The Road Map

Pre-Mint Launch:

  • Community Building
  • Hype Generation
  • Facebook ads, Mass IG/Discord bots, Giveaway, Youtube sponsorships,
    banner ads on Crypto sites, performance crypto marketing agency
  • Crystalizing Long Term Vision
  • Top Tier Team Building


  • 25%
  • Ethereum given away to community members
  • 50 free NFTs given to community
  • 50%
  • 10 ETH given to community
  • Marketing Launch Phase 2
  • 75%
  • 30 ETH given to community
  • $10K or more invested into a start up of the community’s choosing
  • 90%
  • ETH held for marketing
  • ETH invested into more start ups
  • Creation of next project
  • Purchasing NFT media assets

The Mission Begins

  • Creation of DAO from royalties
  • Companion NFT project released
  • Marketing push 2 begins

2022 & Beyond: Creating A Vertically Integrated Web 3 Ecosystem

  • Buying media assets
  • One new NFT project a month
  • Taking equity in other NFT project
  • Profit reinvested in hiring top talent, new NFTS,
    a marketplace, and next level marketing.
  • Re-distributing reward to community

Featured Collection


Contributing To
Humanity’s Progress

✅ 5,000 inventors with 23 different base characters, 38 different backgrounds, 33 different clothing items, 30 different inventions, and 10 skin colors.

✅ Investments into seed round artificial intelligence, sustainable agriculture & biotechnology companies in 2022. Our community will research and vote on which companies to invest in. These startups will be put into a holding company and our community will receive access.

✅$100K gifted to holders at sell out.

✅ Private mastermind with big names in entrepreneurship, crypto and start-up world.

✅ Buying media assets, taking equity in other projects, releasing NFT software, and creating a vertically integrated ecosystem of web 3 and NFT products.

✅ Redistributing rewards to our community.



Leadership Team

Tristen Larsen (AKA Suited)

Tristen Larsen (AKA Suited)


Tristen is best known for reading 15 books a month recommended by billionaires. Tristen built an 8 figure company by age 23 and did it primarily with his marketing agency. Tristen reads half a book a day, works 16 hours a day, loves chess and beautiful views. Tristen is a workaholic obsessed with learning, creating and building companies. This project is meaningful to him because he deeply admires all inventors featured in this collection. Find him on Instagram @suited

Akash Nigam

Akash Nigam


Akash Nigam is a detail oriented project manager. Akash is master at managing people and executing challenging tasks. Akash is also the COO of OrderingAds.com

Aleksa Milosevic

Aleksa Milosevic


Aleksa isn’t just someone who works in tech, but lives it too. Since high school he had many different roles – web, mobile, backend developer, AI researcher – in the end settling in a blockchain expert role and starting his own software company Outpost at the age of 24. Big believer in software changing the world for the better and that’s exactly the reason why Inventor Club resonates with him.

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